Kids Foot Locker





Kids Foot Locker Summer Campaign to promote the Nike Air Max red and black SKU.

/ Concept
/ Design & Illustration
/ Print Production
/ Visual Merchandising
/ 2014





Kids Foot Locker stores were looking passé and boring. So whilst working with Foot Locker we worked on a pan european Kids Foot Locker visual merchandising reskin.

In collaboration with fellow graphic designer Natalja Pomurane & professional illustrator Konrad Kirpluk we came up with a video game inspired graphic style inspired by the style of the Kids Summer sneaker icecream. We rolled out the design and installation specifically tailored to over 30 different stores and eventually every Kids Foot Locker store in Europe.

/ Sketches & Concepts
/ Graphic Design
/ Wallpaper for 30+ stores
/ Print Production
/ Visual Merchandising
/ 2014